Amir Landsman Acts Globally to Help Environments and Individuals in Need

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A strong sense of social responsibility is the motivating factor behind Amir Landsman’s drive to help others. He has traveled around the world and has encountered many different cultural environments during his journeys. His experiences instilled empathy for those struggling in less-developed countries and those suffering due to improper environmental practices, lack of safe drinking water and toxic pollution. Landsman has supported several international organizations devoted to improving living conditions and creating a greener future for those most in need.

As part of his commitment to bettering the plight of others, Landsman has made significant contributions to the Blacksmith Institute, an organization that provides help for residents of environmentally damaged areas. Through an annual event called Blacksmith Benefit for India, the Institute provides financial support for volunteers working to remediate environmental damage in India. Landsman has always had an affinity for the people and the culture of India and, as a result, has made sizable contributions to the Blacksmith Institute and its efforts.

SHARE Africa is another of Amir Landsman’s favored charitable organizations. Designed to help Kenyan residents help themselves, the program provides education and financial support for at-risk orphans in the country and offers training to help Kenyan medics manage healthcare needs more effectively in their local communities. By supporting these activities, Landsman and others can make an immediate and significant difference in the quality of life for individuals and families in the Nyanza Province of Kenya.