Exploring Curry With Adventurous Chef Amir Landsman

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In his business career and in the kitchen, Amir Landsman is not afraid of taking risks and accepting new challenges. As a chef, Landsman enjoys preparing classic dishes from around the world. Curries comprise an especially diverse group of dishes and are staples of Indian and southeast Asian cuisine. While the familiar yellow bottle of spice may be the only exposure some U.S. cooks have to Indian curry, the actual dishes that make up this savory cuisine are far more diverse and exciting than the tame appearance of standard curry powder mixtures. While some curries do contain curry powder, the real common denominator for this category of cuisine is hot chili peppers. Most curry dishes are served with naan flatbread or rice to help absorb any excess liquid.

Curry powder is not just one spice. Instead, it is a mixture of several different ingredients that typically include turmeric, coriander, cumin, red pepper and other spices popular in Asian cuisine. Because each manufacturer uses a slightly different formula in creating its curry powder products, chefs may experience significantly different results from the same recipe when switching brands of this particular spice.

Chicken, duck and pork are common meat ingredients for Asian-style curry dishes. Vegetarian curries, however, are very common in India and are increasingly popular in the United States, especially among health-conscious gourmands. Depending on the type of curry dish being served, the level of spice can vary considerably. Phall curries are generally regarded as the hottest type of curry and may incorporate the notorious ghost pepper to up the ante for diners even more.