Four Tips to Picking the Right University in Israel

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With growing business opportunities and burgeoning research capabilities, Israel is an attractive place to pursue advanced degrees. However, with a variety of universities in the country, it can be difficult to select the right option. Currently, there are nine different universities in Israel, each with its own unique advantages. To make the decision process easier, remember the following critical factors.

1. Location. The location of a school can have a huge impact on the overall student experience. Every city is different, offering its own unique attributes. Some students may prefer the historical and cultural significance of Jerusalem, where schools like the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are located. Universities in Haifa have the advantage of a seaside location, which can be especially helpful for those interested in marine studies or water-based recreation. Other factors may be more personal in nature. If students have family or friends in Israel, it may be worth choosing a university in their proximity in order to save time and money on commutes. It is also worth looking at the area surrounding the campus for lodging, shopping, groceries and entertainment options.

2. Size. The size of the university can create a much different atmosphere for students. A larger university will have more academic programs to consider, and campus life is much more diverse. However, smaller universities can offer a more intimate experience for students, which can be appealing for students who want more one-on-one attention. The largest university in Israel is the Open University of Israel with almost 40,000 students. The smallest university is the Technion, which has fewer than 15,000 students in any given year.

3. Programs. The main purpose of attending a university is to learn and attain a degree. Therefore, it is essential to look at the range of programs offered by the university. Some universities, such as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Haifa, have a wider selection of liberal arts to consider. Other schools, like the Technion, have more specialized degree programs in the sciences and other technical studies. For students who want to pursue a specialized degree, it is important to check the degree listings at each university first in order to make the best decision possible.

4. Campus life. Attending a university is about more than academics. There is also a social factor that is worth considering. Campus life is different at each school. Before making a decision, look at the lifestyles of students on campus. Consider what the dorms are like. Look into what student organizations are available and what campus events are offered throughout the year. It can be helpful to look at the overall demographic of the students in order to find the ideal setting.

Pursuing an advanced degree is an important decision. These four factors can have a huge impact on the quality of the student experience at any university. Look carefully at the potential universities using these factors in order to make the best decision for high-quality advanced study in Israel.