Leonard Cohen: Eclectic 60s Musician Still Draws Fans

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As a devoted fan of Leonard Cohen, Amir Landsman is conversant with the singer-songwriter’s entire catalogue of iconic songs. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Cohen learned to play the guitar during his teenage years and soon began reading his original poetry at clubs located in the Little Portugal neighborhood of Montreal. These early compositions formed the basis for many of Cohen’s most memorable songs during his later musical career.

Leonard Cohen’s college experiences at McGill University allowed him to grow intellectually and to test his skills in the literary field, particularly in poetry. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 1955, Cohen released a collection of his poems through the Dudek publishing house. Entitled “Let Us Compare Mythologies,” the book was well received by critics but failed to reach a wider audience. Cohen pursued his educational career at McGill but ultimately returned to writing and published several books of poetry and two novels before beginning his musical career in earnest in the late 1960s.

In 1967, the album Songs of Leonard Cohen was released to considerable popular acclaim. It was quickly followed by Songs from a Room in 1969 and Songs of Love and Hate in 1970. All three albums are considered classics and, along with New Skin for the Old Ceremony, are widely regarded as Cohen’s core musical achievements. Cohen has also released numerous compilation albums and collections of his masterworks, ensuring that fans like Amir Landsman can enjoy the haunting melodies and intriguing lyrics of Leonard Cohen for many years to come.