Summer Fun: Seven New Jersey Attractions

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New Jersey is a fantastic summer destination thanks to its countless attractions. To make the most of your summer vacation, just consider these seven popular destinations in the Garden State

1. The Queen Mary. There is always something to do on the Jersey Shore, with plenty of shopping, eating and beach-going fun. However, some of the best attractions on the Jersey Shore go a little farther off the coast. In particular, the Queen Mary is a great choice for a summertime adventure. The Queen Mary sails from April through December, offering guests an exciting fishing experience. The fishing is appealing for experts and novices alike thanks to the helpful crew members, who are always on hand to help with any issues or concerns. In fact, the Queen Mary provides such a great experience that it is often considered the best attraction on the Jersey Shore.

2. Sky River Helicopters. Sometimes the best way to get away is to go up. Such is the case with Sky River Helicopters, which operates out of Pittstown and Williamstown. Sky River Helicopters has a wide selection of flying activities available, including some of the best tours in all of New Jersey. However, Sky River Helicopters is also proud to be a great charter service, offering convenient and fast passage from one destination to the next to ease the burden of your summer schedule. If all of that is not enough, Sky River Helicopters even has flying lessons, which can be a great way to learn and have fun over the summer months. Specific tours include photo flights of New York City or sunset tours.

3. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. There are boardwalks all along the coast, but there is something special about this one located in Point Pleasant Beach. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk gives visitors easy access to the beaches, which are perfect with white sand. The boardwalk itself has been well developed to support any type of visitor from the very old to the very young. In particular, this boardwalk is rated highly by families, who appreciate the attractions for children as well. In addition to the rides and games, there is a fantastic aquarium with everything from sharks to seals. There are many events throughout the summer, and festivals are common, making this boardwalk an ideal place to pass the summer.

4. Delaware River Tubing. Water fun is always a great summer pastime. This is why Delaware River Tubing is so popular in the summer. The business has been open since 1987, consistently offering great river experiences on the Delaware River. The options are varied, allowing each guest to tailor their water based fun to any specific ability level or interest. Some people enjoy a leisurely trip down the river on a tube, but others may enjoy a bit more action with a kayak or canoe. Delaware River Tubing has opportunities for the whole family, which makes it a great family friendly choice. Because of this, a trip with Delaware River Tubing never gets old, which means visitors are likely to come back year after year to experience the wonders on the water.

5. Green Flag Driving Experience. New Jersey has a popular racing scene, so it is no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities to take to the track yourself. For the very best racing experience, however, look no further than Green Flag Driving Experience. After 11 years in operation, Green Flag Driving Experience knows how to appeal to the thrill seeker in everyone. All equipment is provided along with careful safety tips to ensure that the experience is fun and secure. Before getting behind the wheel, every guest will learn about the important science of racing with lessons on weight transfer, vehicle response and more. While this education has its merits, the real thrill happens behind the wheel when everyone gets to live out their adrenaline-fueled dreams. This track is great for first-time drivers as well as for those with more experience.

6. Beneduce Vineyards. New Jersey has a number of reputable vineyards, many of which offer their own tasting hours each week. However, for a bit more of a wine experience, Beneduce Vineyards is an excellent summer destination. Beneduce Vineyards has spectacular grounds in Hunterdon County, which is known for its idyllic hills. Beneduce Vineyards stands apart thanks to its unique Winemaking Club. In this club, visitors can get in on the action and make their own barrel of wine. The winery also offers tours and wine tasting. Of special note is the vineyard’s Group Therapy, which is a unique happy hour that features live music on the patio. While this vineyard is a must-visit in the summer, it also has off-season opportunities in its Tropical Oasis, a converted greenhouse reimagined as an all seasons patio.

7. Liberty State Park. With its location on the East Coast, New Jersey has plenty of history. One of the best places to experience that history is Liberty State Park. Liberty State Park gives visitors easy access to some of the most important historical sites in all of America. Guests at Liberty Park can go on to visit both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The summer is the perfect time to appreciate American history with fresh eyes, learning about the freedom the country strives to uphold and all the people who came to find it for themselves. There are also iconic photo opportunities from the park itself, which makes this timeless destination a great day trip.

With these seven attractions, it is easy to pick and choose the summer vacation of your dreams. Plus, these destinations are just the start. New Jersey is a great place for summer living no matter what your personal summer dreams may be.