Teaching Young Athletes Skills for Life

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As assistant basketball coach for the Saint Paul’s Athletic League, Amir Landsman helped players develop their athletic and social skills on and off the court. The importance of good sportsmanship, fair play and clear communication were emphasized during the practices and games to instill these values and to provide a solid foundation for future academic and athletic growth.

Good sportsmanship can help young athletes make a positive impression on teammates as well as opponents. This skill can also help players maintain the right attitudes for success in their later professional interactions. By learning to remain gracious in victory and to stay positive after a defeat, young men and women can develop core values of kindness and perseverance to weather whatever life may bring them.

Maintaining fair play can help athletes learn to internalize integrity in all their dealings with others. By focusing on playing the game well rather than on winning or losing, coaches and other role models can help young athletes appreciate what’s really important.

Teamwork and communication are also vital to the growth and education of athletes in any sport. Working together to accomplish a common goal can instill a sense of camaraderie and help athletes clearly and effectively communicate their ideas. These skills can serve children well as they progress through the academic setting and enter the business world in later life.